Go Bananas: Chunky Monkey Cupcakes

Have you ever wondered why bananas do so well in the dating scene? It’s because they have so much ap-peel!

Okay, terrible joke. But with all jokes aside, do you know what is not so appealing? Over-ripened bananas sitting in your fruit basket with dozens of pesky little fruit flies lingering above. Thankfully, over-ripened bananas are the perfect addition to a variety of baked goods. So when I noticed that my bananas were a little too ripe to enjoy on their own, I felt inspired to bake them into a delicious batch of banana cupcakes.

My mom used to always whip up a banana cake when a dessert was needed in a pinch. She would top it with a basic buttercream frosting and slice it nice and thick. It never lasted long in our house. When I made these cupcakes, I decided to top each with a swirl of a rich chocolate buttercream. I considered adding a hint of peanut butter to the frosting as well but opted not to for no particular reason.

Trying to determine how I was to decorate these little guys was quite the feat. After topping each with a swirl of chocolate buttercream, I found myself in a tough situation. I considered everything from banana chips to chocolate curls, but opted to take a playful direction as opposed to a polished one. I added dark chocolate pellets to create big monkey ears and fabricated lighter-toned faces out of melted chocolate and a little bit of patience. The result was perfect for the treat–a dessert that had truly gone bananas!

What is your favourite thing to make out of over-ripened bananas? Smoothies? Muffins? Loaves? All of the above?


6 thoughts on “Go Bananas: Chunky Monkey Cupcakes

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  2. I am also a dreamer of being a baker.. though at my age and no one really around to help eat them anymore (sons moved too far away now) I have given them up except for special occasions. I look forward to all your wonderful posts. Will be here to give encouragement and be amazed at your awesome talent!!!

    • Thank you so much, Marianne! I’m lucky to live with my family who love to eat my baked goods (especially my brother and Dad). They’re always my best critics and I appreciate having them around so all the baked goods don’t go to waste. I appreciate your support and look forward to getting to know you more!

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