Birthday Cupcakes (Cookies) and a 90’s Birthday Bash!

This past weekend, I had the privilege of baking some cookies for two of my very best friends. These two are not just awesome friends, but they are also the only girls I know who are worthy enough to have a birthday party that was like so totally 90’s themed. From the “Saved By the Bell” posters that donned the walls to the sweet sound of the Backstreet Boys on the ghetto-blaster, these two threw a pretty rockin’ party that had us all dancing, singing, snacking, and giggling like little girls at a sleepover. Did I mention that costumes were mandatory?

I chose to make cupcake shaped sugar cookies for the special occasion because cupcakes could not be any more “birthday”. Sure, if I had a cutter shaped like the Spice Girls’ bus I would have made those, but unfortunately I have never come across such a cutter (but believe me…I would have it if I ever did!). The cupcakes (cookies) weren’t really 90’s, but they were decorated in honour of the birthday girls. I made two very special zebra print cookies topped with chocolate candles just for them!

The cookies were a great addition to the snack table that was already filled with ring pops, nerds, popeye’s candy cigarettes, and bubble tape. We had a hoot as we blasted to our past and celebrated the wonderful days of our childhood. And yes, people of the world…we spiced up our lives!


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