It’s a Girl: Baby Shower Cookies

What does the colour pink, rocking horse shaped cookie cutters, lots of sugar, and an exhausted Amber have in common?

I’ve already shared about the five dozen pink cupcakes I made last weekend, but along with those cupcakes were five dozen baby-themed sugar cookies. Once again, I was given the freedom to create whatever my heart desired, as long as they were pink! Anything and everything baby-themed is already adorable, but everything pink on top of that? I couldn’t wait to get started!

I have had this Wilton cookie cutter set for some time, but it was my first time making some of the shapes. The polka-dotted onesies ended up being my favourite cookies–they were probably the quickest to make and turned out the cutest. By the time I was finished, I felt as if a pink icing bomb had exploded in my kitchen. There was pink every where I looked (including my hair).

I wish the family of this soon-to-be little girl many congratulations. I know she will be showered with as much love and “pink” as these cookies were showered with icing (if not more!). Many blessings in the beautiful years ahead!

Happy Weekend, everybody!


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