Holy, Cupcakes!

I’ve been on quite the cupcake kick these past couple of weeks. Something about making cupcakes is just so appealing. Maybe it’s the endless flavour combinations. Maybe it’s the fact that they take a total of ten seconds to decorate. Maybe it’s because they make a delicious afternoon (or morning, or evening, or midnight) snack. Maybe it’s just because I wanted to use my cute new cupcake carrier as much as possible. Whatever the reason, endless cupcakes have been coming out of nowhere and have been going straight into my stomach. I think it’s about time they take a little seat on the back burner for a while.

I just wanted to share a few photos of some of the cupcakes that have been contributing to my daily sugar high these past couple of days.

irish cream 2

irish cream 3

irish cream 1

These are Irish Cream Cupcakes. They are a fluffy chocolate cupcake filled with Bailey’s-chocolate ganache filling and topped with a Bailey’s coffee buttercream. These cupcakes are rich and chocolatey but don’t weigh heavy in your stomach when you eat them. The chocolate cupcakes are really light and fluffy but are nice and sweet due to the ganache filling.

These cupcakes were inspired by a holiday tradition. My family loves sipping Bailey’s infused hot drinks around the holidays. From hot chocolate to coffee, Bailey’s Irish Cream adds a delicious (and exclusively “adult”) flavour to some of winter’s finest drinks. Yum.

salted caramel 1

salted caramel 4

salted caramel 3

These are Triple Salted Caramel Cupcakes. This recipe was one of the first cupcake recipes I had ever tried, making me fall in love with cupcake baking. The brown sugar-based cupcakes are infused with a caramel filling and topped with a generous swirl of salted caramel buttercream. I also sprinkled them with some toffee bits. The recipe can be found by visiting Sprinkle Bakes blog.

These cupcakes are so sweet but are so nicely balanced by the saltiness of the caramel and buttercream. Sweet and salty are one of my favourite combinations! These are definitely a favourite around here (after all, I have made them twice now!).

I hope you are all having an incredibly wonderful (and cupcake-filled) first week of January!


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