Girls Night In Cookies

hearts 4

I’ve been getting quite a few cookie orders these past few weeks. As much as I dread the winter months, it’s nice to be moving on beyond Christmas. I can’t deny that by the time Christmas rolled around I was ready to throw down the bags of red and green icing and ditch the gingerbread. So I have been appreciating all of these new orders that allow a broader range of colours, shapes, and experimentation. Especially when hearts are involved.

hearts 2

hearts 1

hearts 3

I absolutely love flowers. The technique used to make these silver flowers is one of my favourites. Although it takes quite a bit of time to do, it results in a very classy looking cookie. The coral pink was done at the request of the client, but I think it adds a pop of excitement and fun to the cookies.

I’m so happy to be able to do orders like these that allow a little bit of creative freedom. That’s just what I need at such a boring and drab time of year.

Have a great week, everyone!


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