Boot Scootin’ Boogie

cowboy boots 1

cowboy boots 4

cowboy boots 2

One batch of sugar cookie dough makes about four to five dozen cookies (depending on the size and shape, of course). Quite often, I get orders that only require using a portion of the dough, so I have gotten in the habit of freezing the leftovers. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before–it makes for some very easy treats when needed in a pinch. Yesterday, I was informed that we were going to be celebrating a new friend’s birthday, so I pulled out the dough and baked up some of these little cowboy (girl) boot cookies. The birthday girl loves country music and is quite the mechanical bull rider, so cowboy boots felt like the right fit for celebrating her. Plus, how cute are they? I couldn’t resist!

new mixer

In other news, I finally got a new mixer! I’m working on launching my baking business and this was my first official purchase. I had quite the time choosing a colour, but after much contemplation and input from anyone who was willing to give an input, I went with my gut and settled on “Pear”.

I am obsessed.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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