Celebrating Earth Day With Cookies

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Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed. (Mahatma Gandhi)

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I made a few cookies in celebration of Earth Day. Let’s appreciate this beautiful earth for what it is–a gift to sustain us. Now let’s return the favour and do our part to sustain it!

Happy Earth Day, everyone!


Rootbeer Float Cupcakes

rootbeer 5

rootbeer 6

rootbeer 2

The other day I had the opportunity to make ginger ale cupcakes, complete with ginger ale flavoured buttercream. I was intrigued by the recipe the moment I saw it, but I didn’t know exactly what to expect. As it turns out, they were incredibly delicious and are actually one of my current favourite flavours.

Baking with soda is not new to me. One of my favourite cupcake recipes involves simmering coca-cola with cocoa to make delicious chocolate cupcakes. But making the ginger ale cupcakes inspired me to try different types of soda without the pairing of chocolate. I decided to adapt the ginger ale cupcakes to use root beer instead. I also added a little bit of cinnamon instead of ginger to give them a little bite. I was hoping the majority of the root beer flavour would come out in the buttercream, but as it turns out, the overall flavour was not overwhelmingly rootbeer-ish. But they were still absolutely delicious!

I’m going to work on adapting this recipe to get more of a root beer flavour. Until then, they will definitely be enjoyed for what they are! Yum!

rootbeer 3

rootbeer 7

Theatre of the Beat Cookies

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I had the privilege of making a bunch of cookies for a fundraiser this weekend. The cookies were in celebration of a really awesome travelling theatre troupe called Theatre of the Beat. Theatre of the Beat is dedicated to challenging and inspiring the communities in which they perform. They deliver socially-conscious performances as they strive for peace and justice. Both their mission and their vision are inspiring!

There were two different cookie designs: the typography logo and the van logo. The little van cookies were definitely a challenge. They took quite some time and a lot of patience. On the other hand, the typography logo cookies were pretty quick and straight-forward to do. Overall, these cookies were a really fun challenge and I was stoked that they could help such an awesome group of artists as they set out on their summer tour.

theatre 2

To find out more about Theatre of the Beat, be sure to visit their awesome website!

Tested and Tried: Overloaded Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

cookie cake 7

cookie cake 4

I saw the recipe for this chocolate-chip cookie cake and couldn’t resist. An entire batter of chocolate chip cookie dough is baked in a spring-form pan, covered in peanut butter buttercream, marshmallow fluff, marshmallows, peanut butter cups, chocolate and peanut butter chips, and caramel sauce. Could it be any sweeter?

Definitely not.

cookie cake 2

The recipe for this cake can be found on Sprinkle Bakes blog!