Theatre of the Beat Cookies

theatre 3

theatre 1

theatre 5

I had the privilege of making a bunch of cookies for a fundraiser this weekend. The cookies were in celebration of a really awesome travelling theatre troupe called Theatre of the Beat. Theatre of the Beat is dedicated to challenging and inspiring the communities in which they perform. They deliver socially-conscious performances as they strive for peace and justice. Both their mission and their vision are inspiring!

There were two different cookie designs: the typography logo and the van logo. The little van cookies were definitely a challenge. They took quite some time and a lot of patience. On the other hand, the typography logo cookies were pretty quick and straight-forward to do. Overall, these cookies were a really fun challenge and I was stoked that they could help such an awesome group of artists as they set out on their summer tour.

theatre 2

To find out more about Theatre of the Beat, be sure to visit their awesome website!


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