Wedding Bells are Ringing


I was honoured to be the Maid of Honour in my best friend’s wedding this past weekend. From the moment I was asked nearly a year ago, I have had nothing but weddings on the mind. This past week was a whirlwind of both excitement and nerves as I helped her prepare the final details of her wedding. The day was a perfect mix of sunshine and refreshing breezes, flowers and food, smiles and tears, and love and laughter. It really was such a blessing to be involved in it.


However, before the big day could be celebrated, I was asked to complete an order for “engagement party cookies” for a newly engaged couple. I was ecstatic to try them, as it allowed me to make cookies and think about weddings at the same time. I was asked to make three different shapes: wedding dresses, wedding cakes, and rings. The colours were white, silver, and soft pink, so I used a silver powder mixed with a little bit of lemon juice to paint on the silver details. They’re some of my favourite cookies to date. They are so clean and crisp but also allowed a lot of flexibility in creating different patterns and designs.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple and congratulations to my best friend and her new husband. I wish you all many blessings as you begin your new adventures!





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