Springtime is just around the corner, which also means that so is wedding season. I attended my first wedding of the year a couple of weekends ago–a wedding that I had the pleasure of making the cupcakes for. I made two different types: earl grey vanilla and mango coconut. It was so exciting to attend the wedding and see the cupcakes in action as everyone celebrated the new marriage. I love how, as humans, we often choose to celebrate together over food. That is exactly why baking is so special to me! I made 160 cupcakes in total for the big day–my biggest cupcake order to date!


On a different wedding note, I have also been daydreaming about the desserts for my own upcoming wedding. Call me crazy, but we will be having a dessert reception and I plan on making all of the desserts myself. I can’t stop thinking about all of the different dessert combinations¬†to serve. I have been making mental notes, scribbled lists, and tons of little cake doodles (what do you know–my degree in visual arts put to use). It’s so fun to dream about all of these things. So fun.


I have a few other wedding orders coming up within the next couple of months. May, June, and July are my busiest months of the year. ‘Tis the season for wedding bells to start ringing and I am more than ready with my piping bag in one hand and a spatula in the other!



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