I don’t often take on cake orders. Mostly because I find that a lot of people have high expectations for cakes. I don’t blame them, as there are many talented bakers out there who set the cake bar way high by making miniature works of baked art. But in order to create those beautiful cakes, most of those bakers use fondant. In my personal experience, I find that fondant looks absolutely amazing but can sometimes sacrifice the quality of how the cake tastes. I strive to create baked goods that look homemade, that look delicious, and that are delicious, so I personally choose not to use fondant.

Moving on. On some occasions, I do take on cake orders. I love making custom toppers that are cute and fun. I love using fresh buttercream to cover the cakes. But most of all, I love thinking up new ways to decorate said cakes without fondant. Enter the tiny little teddy bears.

baby teddy 1

This cake and cupcakes were created for a baby shower. As I riffled through my cookie cutter box, I found my collection of small (really small) cookie cutters. To be honest, I had my heart set on a tiny heart cutter (which surprisingly, I did not have), but instead found these miniature teddy bears. And as I tend to be quite obsessed with anything in miniature form, the rest is history.


baby teddy 2

Both the cake and the cupcakes are a classic vanilla bean cake covered in vanilla buttercream. The cake was decorated with a simple ruffle technique and topped with a homemade “BABY BOY” topper.

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She would be embarrassed if she knew I just shared that number. But how could I not? Age is just a number. How do you truly measure the life of a woman or a man?

(In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights or cups of coffee?–sorry, I just had to!)

The number of years celebrated with each birthday does not truly measure the life that someone has lived. In the case of my beautiful grandmother, the number 78 doesn’t speak to the incredibly rich and beautiful life she has lived. 78 does not indicate the love she has for her husband, her family, and her home. 78 does not express the persistent faith she has maintained throughout years of hardships. 78 does not even begin to attest to the lives she has blessed and inspired. She is a very special lady who deserves to be celebrated. So celebrated she was.


I once again made this delicious pina colada cake. Even though it feels like this is the only recipe I have been cooking up lately, my grandmother loves coconut, so it seemed like an appropriate choice for her birthday. The pineapple cake is one of my favourite recipes, especially when coated in coconut cream cheese frosting. I made the cake as per usual, but pressed toasted coconut on the sides instead of coating the cake in more frosting. Perhaps my favourite part of the cake was making the handmade clothesline topper. I’ve been pretty addicted to cute cake toppers since I made this one at the beginning of the new year. Since then, I’ve been scanning the internet high and low for topper inspirations and hoping for more opportunities to make a cake so I could make more little toppers as well. Making a handmade topper ended up being a win-win situation since my grandmother can’t be exposed to candles anyways.


I’m so happy we were able to celebrate seventy-eight years of my grandmother’s life. But beyond just that, I am so happy we were able to celebrate the life within those years. The joy, the faith, and the love within those years.

I love you Grandma and I hope you had a special day as lovely as you!